Wotofo DIY Pre-Built Coils


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These fantastic pre-built coils from Wotofo all use Ni80 wire to get a quick ramp-up speed and delicious flavour if used correctly.


Alien Wire Coil – NI80, 0.5ohm, Inner Core 30Gx3, Outer Wire 38G, ID 3mm

Braided Wire Coil – NI80, 0.24ohm, Inner Core 0.3mm x 0.6mm, Outer Wire 40G x 32, ID 3mm

Dual Core Fused Clapton – NI80, 0.62ohm, Inner Core 28G x2, Outer Wire 38G, ID 3mm

Tri Core Fused Clapton – NI80, 0.17ohm, Inner Core 26G x3, Outer Wire 38G, ID 3mm

Framed Staple Clapton – N80, 0.33ohm, Inner Core 28G+38G x9+28G, Outer Wire 36G,  ID 3mm

Dual Core Fused Clapton – N80, 0.28ohm, Inner Core 26G x2, Outer Wire 36G, ID 3mm

Quad Core Fused Clapton – N80, 0.26ohm, Inner Core 28G x4, Outer Wire 36G, ID 3mm

Wotofo Mesh Style – Kanthal A1, 6.8mm, 0.18ohm, 10 pack


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0.17ohm Tri-Core Fused Clapton, 0.18ohm Mesh Style, 0.24 Braided, 0.26ohm Quad Core Fused Clapton, 0.28ohm Dual Core Fused Clapton, 0.33ohm Framed Staple Clapton, 0.5ohm Alien, 0.62ohm Dual Core Fused Clapton




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