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The Valkyrie XL RTA is a high-performance 40mm atomizer with a post-less build deck, top-to-bottom airflow, and a quick-release top cap. It features a stainless steel chamber reducer, 66-hole diffused airflow intake, and four spacious post holes. With a durable PC tank reservoir and spare screws/O-rings included, this RTA offers impressive versatility and flavour while providing a leak-resistant design. A top choice for vapers seeking an exceptional vaping experience.


The Valkyrie XL RTA is an innovative 40mm RTA from Vaperz Cloud. With a postless design and unique top-to-bottom airflow system. It sets a new standard for RTA performance. The deck features four individual post holes measuring 2.5mm x 3.5mm each, making coil installation a breeze.The reduced chamber design enhances flavour production by bringing the airflow from the top and directing it underneath the coils.

Like all VC atomizers, the Valkyrie XL delivers exceptional flavour, while also providing plenty of space to accommodate a wide range of coil builds.


  • 40mm Outer Diameter: The Valkyrie XL RTA has a large 40mm diameter, making it a substantial and eye-catching atomizer.
  • Quick Release Top Cap – Quarter Turn On/Off: The top cap of the Valkyrie XL RTA features a convenient quick-release mechanism. With just a quarter turn, you can easily remove or secure the top cap, making refilling and maintenance hassle-free.
  • Postless Build Deck: The Valkyrie XL RTA utilizes a postless build deck, which means there are no traditional posts for coil installation. This design allows for more flexibility in coil placement and makes it easier to install larger and more complex coil builds.
  • Top-to-Bottom Airflow Anti-Leak Design: The Valkyrie XL RTA incorporates a top-to-bottom airflow system with an anti-leak design. This airflow configuration ensures that the air travels directly from the top of the atomizer and is directed underneath the coils, enhancing flavour and minimizing the risk of leakage.
  • SS Chamber Reducer: The Valkyrie XL RTA includes a stainless steel (SS) chamber reducer. This component helps to reduce the chamber space, resulting in a more concentrated vapor and flavour production.
  • 66 Hole Diffused Airflow Intake: The Valkyrie XL RTA features a 66 hole diffused airflow intake. This design allows for smooth and even airflow distribution, enhancing the overall performance and vapor production of the atomizer.
  • Four 2.5mm x 3.5mm Post Holes: The build deck of the Valkyrie XL RTA is equipped with four post holes, each measuring 2.5mm x 3.5mm. These generously sized post holes provide ample room for various coil configurations, making it easy to accommodate different coil types and sizes.
  • PC Material Tank Reservoir: The Valkyrie XL RTA utilizes a tank reservoir made of Polycarbonate (PC) material. PC is known for its durability and resistance to cracking, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting tank for your e-liquid storage.
  • Spare Screws and O-Rings: The Valkyrie XL RTA comes with spare screws and O-rings, which are essential components for assembly and maintenance. These spare parts ensure that you have backup options in case of loss or damage, allowing for convenient repairs or customization.

Whats Included?

  • 1 x Valkyrie XL RTA
  • 1 x spare screws and O rings bag

Additional information


Gunmetal, Matte Black, Stainless Steel


Vaperz Cloud


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