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Sadboy has returned, the King of the USA vape juice, with the relaunch they now come in nic salts in both 10mg and 20mg strengths.


Cookie Line

  • Blueberry Cookie – New: A decadently sweet fusion of fruit and biscuit flavours. This e-liquid boasts rich, buttery notes of shortbread biscuit harmoniously paired with the smooth flavour of mellow blueberry jam.
  • Butter Cookie: Shortbread biscuits are tasty on their own, but they take on a new life when you combine them with other flavours. Butter Cookie by Sadboy plays on that premise by giving you the flavour of shortbread biscuits made from dough infused with lemon zest.
  • Custard Cookie: Shortbread biscuits are tasty on their own, but Sadboy has covered them in a thick layer of warm vanilla custard that makes for one moreish vape juice!
  • Keylime Cookie: Is lime the tastiest citrus fruit of them all? You be the judge — but don’t make your decision until after you’ve tried Keylime Cookie by Sadboy. With its combination of shortbread biscuit and key lime curd flavours, this juice will make your taste buds tingle all day.
  • Shamrock Cookie: You’ve heard of a shamrock shake; now try this shamrock cookie vape juice! All the chocolate, minty goodness baked into a trademark soft and chewy biscuit by Sadboy, you know you want to…
  • Unicorn Tears: Unicorn Tears are as much of a mystery as the true flavour of this special vape juice by Sadboy, an interesting blend of fruity sweet and savoury biscuits that will keep you coming back for more!


Fruit Line

  • Punch Berry / Ice: Punch Berry Blood by SadBoy features an amalgamation of flavours featuring a sweet berry punch mixed with the sour twist of raspberry lemonade, enhanced with sour candy to create a mouth-puckering flavour that will satisfy even the pickiest vapers.
  • Strawberry Blood Ice: Sweet ripened strawberries enhanced with a liquefied strawberry candy centre. This creates a deliciously fruity variant of strawberry that will dazzle the olfactory receptors with an overload of sweet sliced strawberry.
  • Rainbow Blood: Savour the delectable flavours of Orphan Blood by Sadboy Bloodline, capturing random notes of mixed fruits layered to create a delicious fruity blend that will amaze the taste buds and senses.
  • Mango Blood: A new industry standard for mango flavoured e-liquid, this flavour offers unparalleled sweetness without the addition of other fruits. Indulge in the ultimate mango experience today!


Happy Line

  • End Blue: Blue razz taffy into a light and lip-smacking good cotton candy. The inhale is a tart blue raspberry with notes of sweet berried fruits. The finish is all cotton candy, sweet and tangy with notes of raspberry on the exhalation. Get your happy vape ending with Happy End E-liquids Blue Cotton Candy vape juice.
  • End Pink: Strawberry Taffy into a light and lip-smacking good pink cotton candy. The inhale is juicy strawberries with notes of sweetness and tang. The finish is all cotton candy, sweet with notes of strawberry on the exhalation.


Jam Line

  • Strawberry Jam: Sadboy’s shortbread biscuit flavour has become legendary in the vaping community, and the company has taken that flavour to great lengths by combining it with a huge variety of other flavours.
  • Blueberry Jam: A delicious buttery sweet dessert flavour with globs of blueberry jam. The inhale is a bounty of fruity blueberries mixed into a sweet, delicious jelly that holds your palate hostage with its sweet goodness. The exhalation is fresh baked butter biscuits with more notes of sweet blueberry jelly that takes you to the finish.
  • Lemon Jam – New: Lemon Jam offers a delightful harmony of sweet and sour notes, skilfully blending the zest of lemon with the comforting taste of biscuits for a unique and enjoyable vaping experience.


Nola Line

  • Strawberry Granola: A fresh twist on classic granola, blending a creamy strawberry essence with cool milk for a vibrant, all-day vape experience. This creation redefines the typical snack bar with a creamy texture.
  • Blueberry Granola: It masterfully combines the rustic charm of granola with the juiciness of ripe blueberries and a touch of sweet cream.


Additional information

Nicotine Strength

10mg, 20mg


Happy End – Blue Cotton Candy, Happy End – Pink Cotton Candy, Mango Blood, Punch Berry, Punch Berry Ice, Rainbow Blood, Blueberry Cookie, Blueberry Granola, Blueberry Jam, Butter Cookie, Custard Cookie, Keylime Cookie, Lemon Jam, Shamrock Cookie, Strawberry Blood Ice, Strawberry Granola, Strawberry Jam, Unicorn Tears


Sad Boy


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