Hohm Tech Depot 18650 3000mAh – Twin Pack


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Hohm Tech emphasized on safety while still be focused on chart-topping performance, all Hohm Tech Cells come standard with Unique Authenticity codes or are equipped with the proprietary embossed power guard to eliminate counterfeits. Hohm DEPOT is tailor-made to push where other batteries fall. It focuses on maintaining everything one would expect of Hohm Tech cells while simultaneously reducing the cost per unit of Ah. R&D started in early 2020, with prototype testing by late 2020 and throughout 2021. With minor, mild, and unique formulation adjustments, Hohm DEPOT can confidently surpass other ≈3Ah (3000mAh) cells. A highly-positive result in the cell honing comes improved cycle life (via UL test standard). This occurred from simply switching from the QSP to DSP (Quad vs. Dual Stripping Process). 2x 18650 batteries


  • Capacity (mAh)/ Wh: 3005 / 10.81
  • Continuous Discharge Rate: 16.8A
  • Max Discharge Current: 22.5A
  • Energy Density (wt.): 221.06 Wh/kg
  • Energy Density (vol.): 653.5 Wh/l
  • Cycle Life Retention: 500 (75%)
  • Chemistry Type: DSP Li-NMC


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