What are BIG SALTS?

BIG SALTS are the cost-effective, planet-saving way to enjoy your favourite disposable vape flavours but without the expense of buying many disposable vapes which is better for your pocket and the environment. 

BIG SALTS are available in a 20ml and 60ml Salt Fill sizes.

Big Salts 20ml

BIG SALTS 20ml Salt Fills are a specially formulated e-liquid concentrate to which you can add one of our 10ml Big Salt Shots. The result is a 20ml TPD compliant Salt Fill E-liquid in a choice of 3 strengths.

Our 20ml range is perfect for those who would like to try different flavours without breaking the bank. Once you know your favourites…buy them in our larger 60ml size for an EVEN BIGGER saving!

Big Salts 60ml

BIG SALTS 60ml Salt Fills are available in the same tasty and popular flavours and are an amazing way to save a LOT of cash! Using our specially formulated e-liquid concentrate, you can add 3 x 10ml Big Salt Shots and enjoy a 60ml salt based e-liquid in a choice of 3 strengths. At 18000 puffs per bottle. One BIG SALTS goes a long way!

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